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Spokesman of Ansareddine Movement to Echorouk : "We Oppose Terrorism in Algeria"

Echourouk, le 29 juillet 2012

lundi 30 juillet 2012, par Tilelli

Ansareddine movement opposed the terrorist groups in Algeria, spokesman of the group, which holds control on the region of Kidal in northern Mali, Ahmed Ag Bibi, told Echorouk on Thursday.

"We are against terrorism in all its forms, and we opposed the activity of armed groups in ‭Algeria. We oppose killing ‭ ‬and suicide attacks. We do not support such acts‬, and we applied Allah’s sharia, we do not support terrorism‭". ‬

With regard to the ties of Ansareddine movement with other armed groups in northern Mali, particularly "Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb", and "the movement of Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa, Ag Bibi added ; "Our relationship is with ourselves only, and Mali is large and wide. Those groups existed in the former regime and this is not our problem‭." ‬

"If there would be a military intervention by Western or African contries to retrieve northern Mali to the authority of Bamako. We will declare jihad and resist any interference, and there will be a war like other wars taking place in the world."

The same spokesman previously told Algerian reporters in Kidal ; "a military intervention does not serve the interests of Mali and Malians, and would cause other problems, and there are examples of countries that have seen foreign interference, and conditions worsened more than before, both in security and living" . He accused ‭ ‬France and western countries of trying to ‭interfere‬ in ‭other countries matters ;"if ‭there are ‭problems between Muslims‬, ‭they should resort to sharia of Allah and not to foreigners."

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